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Software application with over 100 different reports per day, week or month including predictive analytics and what if analyze.


Some of the key benefits

Some of the reasons you should get Alligator
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Real time entrance counting with 100% accuracy and patented technologies with your choice.

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Unified people counting solution with truly global deployment capabilities.

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Professional devices for entrance, indoor or outdoor counting and reporting software with over 100 reports.

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7/24 h system health monitoring for server software application and all connected devices.

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Alligator`s Advantages

Some of the reasons why Alligator is better then others
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  • Different comparation charts and reports per store, region or country including weather conditions and forecast.

  • Integration with all worlds well known ERPs, CRMs and Business intelligence softwares.

  • Key parameters including counting and dwell time in any desired shop zones no metter of shop outfit or space.

  • Key information for every visitor movement into store with key data regarding attractivnes of goods and all type of products for each visitor or buyer.

  • Different counting technologies including thermal, 3D, optical, video or wi-fi.

  • Remote access and maintenance for all installed equipment from single location.

  • Indoor counting with embeded camera analytics or server based analytics with unlimited number of connected cameras.

  • Outdoor counting with day/ night capabilities no metter wether is used for front window or pedestrian counting.

  • Unique and patented unified wi-fi solution for indoor and outdoor counting including dwell time.

  • Video surveillance viewer as an option in software for supervision of activities and business processes.

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Sales and engineering support in 180 countries and 23 different languages software versions.

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